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I’m about to try to load up a podcast I’ve recorded so that I can reach a wider audience. Now that we are out of lockdown, not everyone has the time to sit down and read blogs, so I thought I’d experiment and offer people the option of Following Grandma on a Podcast.

People have been following Grandma for the last decade – from adventures in India, Costa Rica and China to more recent adventures in the the Maldives and Caribbean where I qualified as a scuba diver and became involved with conservation projects. Right now there’s not much travelling on my horizon so I’m about to set out to explore more of Scotland’s hidden places and also intersperse some of my old blogs into this brand new Follow Grandma Podcast series.

Recording my voice isn’t difficult, it’s something I learned at the BBC where I interviewed for radio and made many television documentaries. The hard part right then is how to get my podcasts launched onto Spotify or Apple – that’s all a great mystery that I’m about to unravel.

I’ve already recorded a trailer. The next hurdle is how I’m going to put it up on WordPress and then get it hosted on to Spotify or Apple. So, watch this space and be ready to Follow Grandma when I give you the link.

2 Replies to “Follow Grandma on a podcast”

  1. Good luck – As I said on the page, I like the idea of listening as I garden, cook, sew or walk Krishna rather than yet again being stuck in front of a screen.

    Sad news from Karine, to whom I spoke yesterday on her 77th birthday. As we knew would happen in due course, the Polycythaemia Rubra Vera she’s been living with for the last 9 years has now turned into Acute Myeloid Leukaemia… We always knew this was likely but given 9 years of chemo and a totally shot immune system, it is a definite further step towards my going to Mexico and support her transition, probably within the next year… Feeling sad of course but also both convinced that dignity is of the essence and there will come a time when circumstances will make that no longer possible… At least we’re both on the same page… C’est la vie, and she’s lived longer than we thought she might – and our two times in India remain really precious memories for us both. Joëlle



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