Days slip by in ‘Lock-down’

The days, weeks and now the months meld into one another. Sometimes I wake with no idea what day it is or what I have to do. Since being told to ‘stay home’ I’ve tried to establish a routine but it’s so far proved impossible. Everything is so weirdly novel and there is so much choice. Often I wander around trying to do several things at once and it’s often hit and miss whether I complete one task before starting another. That’s why different rooms in my house have a variety of bizarre tasks in progress. These range from a kitchen where bubbling sourdough starters are being fed, a study where soup recipes are being laminated for food-bank boxes, a hall is scattered with gloves for mending and coats waiting for missing buttons to be sew on, and finally my bedroom, where a bundle of old love letters has been released from captivity in a trunk and messages are being affectionately re-read some fifty years on.

‘Lockdown’ has brought me one benefit. I live alone and since no one is allowed to visit or come inside my house it doesn’t matter if I don’t tidy the piles of photographs, hang up my clothes or dust the skirting boards. No one will know. No one will see. No one will judge me!

This gift of time has provided me with the opportunity to do things I’ve said I wanted to do for years. Time to write, time to revive my piano playing, time to plant vegetables in the garden and time to immerse myself in artistic creativity.

But, what I now realise is, I need time ‘to be’. Time to observe what is happening to me and time to come to terms with this seismic change in all our lives. Alongside this quiet time I’ve tried to make sure there is some variety. Over the last sixty days I’ve immersed myself in activities that have taken my mind somewhere else. I’ve discovered ways to become involved at a distance with community activities, used online resources creatively and looked at life afresh. I am here alone in Scotland. Like many other people I’m more than five hundred miles from my children and grandchildren. I feel like Alice in Wonderland having just fallen down the rabbit hole. It’s sometimes lonely, it’s sometimes scary and sometimes it’s very ok.

To counteract the incessant news of the Covid19 pandemic I decided it was important to inject some upbeat and light- hearted amusements into daily life. Self-care prompted me to invest in a new comfortable sun lounger for the garden. Already I’ve managed a couple of outdoor foot-spa pedicures and I’m making sure that the top half of my body looks good for every appearance on Zoom. I’ve started a weekly ‘Keep Ahead’ video which shows you how to create a different, exotic head dress with a scarf. Right now there is room for silliness and humour as well as love and care for each other.

As this Grandma isn’t travelling right now Follow Grandma blogs will be different. There may be time to discreetly open the correspondence of young lovers from fifty years ago, to share secret sourdough and Easy Peasy’ soup recipes from today, definitely there will be time for fun and certainly time to share thoughts about life, death and the universe.

Sourdough day 4

2 Replies to “Days slip by in ‘Lock-down’”

  1. Easypeasy soup: Heat 1/l of milk***. Separately, melt 5/6oz of butter into a thick-bottom saucepan. Add 2 heaped tablespoons of white flour. Mix and constantly stir with a whisk until the flour darkens but doesn’t burn: when the right colour has been reached, add the hot milk and mix thoroughly with the whisk. You should reach a pleasant fairly thick consistency. Add salt and pepper to taste. You can use ***other liquids (stock, whey from making cheese)*** and also add for instance some curry powder and/or or ground turmeric. Quantities need to be experimented with before passing on “officially”…!


    1. Thanks for that simple recipe for making a creamy based soup. The fresh food boxes from HOPE organic garden continue to be delivered to vulnerable and hungry families in the town. Each week I write a different ‘Easy Peasy’ recipe so that people can learn how to use the fresh food. I am delighted when people share their favourite recipes. The only thing to remember is to keep it simple because many people don’t have ‘the basics’ and we often have to provide additional things like stock cubes and vegetable oil. This community action shows the care and concern that is around.


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