Another ‘Head Start’ to your day

Today I began my morning with my five minutes of fun. A simple scarf, lurking at the back of a drawer, became the ‘Star’ of the day. I thought you might like to try out something similar. So, I’ve done a short video and it’s taken most of the day to discover how to put it up on WP. I thought I’d conquered that process earlier this week but apparently not. Technology requires patience.

Anyhow the video seems to be in place again after a day of struggling! You can see how easy it is to make something quite stunning and amusing from a simple scarf.

We all need to keep doing things that make us smile and head dresses are certainly doing that for me. I challenge you to have a go. Maybe you’ll be quicker than me at finding the way to post your pictures on WordPress.

Now it’s time for supper and I still have to settle down and finish off a rather more serious blog, which I’ll post over the weekend.

3 Replies to “Another ‘Head Start’ to your day”

    1. Thanks. I have been having teething problems myself putting videos up on WordPress. Yesterday I noticed one was upside down ! Very funny WordPress!! I think they want me to upgrade to Premium and were giving me a not so subtle hint.


    2. Thanks. I’m having a few ‘teething problems’ with WordPress and putting up videos is one of them. Yesterday I spotted that one video and a photograph were upside down on my screen (?) Thank you Word Press. I think that might be a subtle hint that you’d like me to upgrade to Premier and pay you money!


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