The World has Changed

And so must Grandma.

Well, I can still look back and enjoy the memories of wonderful years of travel and adventures. From the massacre in Tian-an-men Square to living in remote villages in India, from military coups in Fiji to spas in remote Pacific Islands. Add in scuba diving with Manta Rays in the Maldives and septuagenarian turtles in Mexico and I have a lot of exciting memories.

In other cases there are some difficult memories and I’m learning to let them go (more about that in my future blogs). Right now I see how important it is to live with your memories, take time to enjoy and share them, and also to live in the moment. Like most of you, I’m trying to make sense of this catastrophic change to the whole world and, at the same time, I’m definitely preparing for the new future.

I view it with apprehension, trepidation and excitement. Currently, I am isolated in Scotland, 500 miles from my family. I am confined to my home by the Coronavirus Government Directive and I intend to use this new experience, in spite of its limitations, as positively and creatively as possible

I move between enthusiasm that I have suddenly been given the ‘Gift of Time’ to complete all the things on my ‘To Do’ list, and complete lethargy. The truth is I make frequent trips to raid the fridge, I email and WhatsApp friends with humour and news, I’ve made a sour dough starter and bake bread and cakes (unknown since my kids were small). I have a pet yoghurt and kefir to be fed daily and my desire to eat chocolate, combined with my new interest in box sets on the television, means the hours vanish.

When I wake each morning about seven I have this urge to leap out of bed and embrace this new world. The reality is I pull the duvet over my head and snuggle down for another couple of hours of sleep – hoping it will all have been a nightmare and I’ll wake to ‘normality’. When I do wake again, the reality of the virus and the changed world is still there.

But I know we have to find ways of making this opportunity of real change work for us all. So I’ve begun to get into the day believing that somehow I can, and will, help create a better, caring and more equal society, particularly for people who have been ignored for far too long. Already things are happening in my community.

Follow Grandma is taking a new direction. I hope we can share and travel together so please do add your comments to my blog.


6 Replies to “The World has Changed”

    1. Thank you Mary. Yes, It seems important to reflect this new world and the people who are responding in so many different ways to their individual challenges. It’s sometimes sad, sometimes uplifting and in some cases there’s a little humour in the stories. I hope to be able to share some of this in Follow Grandma blogs – along with a little wisdom!


    1. I hope you got my last reply which is a very positive ‘Yes’ to sharing all of my blogs and spreading the word. Thank you. I appreciate your messages. The old world has gone and we have to be very determined that we will build the new one based on the values we hold dear and that are evident in the midst of all this tragic chaos. I look forward to meeting you and diving with you in due course. Meantime I keep having amusing thoughts of the marine life swimming around in bemusement saying ” What happened ? Where did all the tourists go?” !!


  1. Yes Cindy please do. My next blog is written – finished just now and scheduled for tomorrow. I want anc hope for
    as wide a circulation as possible. This is such an important opportunity for us all


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