Chocolate – loss of desire and recovery

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With Easter approaching I thought it would be a good time to look at chocolate. Chocolate for me is like sex. When I open a box of connoisseur chocolates I prefer not to gobble them up in ten minutes. I take delight in letting my eyes linger longingly over the more enticing ones. Sometimes my fingers move as if to pick one up and then, at the last moment, tantalisingly and whimsically, I’ll maybe change my mind.

Looking, before sampling is such a part of the whole sensual experience. One can salivate over the variety and creativity before tasting the rich inner delight of the chosen chocolate. There is a joy in allowing time to appreciate the individual shape and design and then deciding to take that first anticipated bite. Eating chocolate is a highly seductive art form.

A few years ago I wrote this blog about how, when I became ill, I lost my desire for chocolate! WOW! The blog has a happy ending and for those of you who might be suffering similar illness I thought it was worth updating …..

When I became ill with Polmyalgia rheumatica (PMR)  my appetite changed dramatically. There were several foods that I suddenly did not want to eat. Deserts and cream didn’t raise one iota of of desire and neither did chocolate. I had a cupboard with three boxes of hand-made chocolates and I was completely disinterested. Other food and drinks rapidly joined the list: red meat, coffee, dairy, sugary foods and alcohol.

I decided to investigate if  food might be contributing to the illness and, so I further simplified my diet and, for want of a better description, went “vegetarian”.

I was constantly thirsty for water and drank it by the litre. I consumed fruits of all types, (particularly blueberries, grapes and pineapple). I wanted fresh salads (not ready washed and bagged) and the sight of spring greens, curly kale and broccoli made me curiously very happy!

My daughter, sensing all was not well, bought me a Nutribullet machine as an early birthday present – they make nutritious smoothies with fresh greens and fruits – and, at a time when I had no appetite, I would create a different smoothie every day. I added walnuts, sunflower seeds, whey powder and ginger. I experimented with pineapples, melons, kiwi fruit, apples and pears and, in addition, took medical advice on vitamins and supplements. I understand completely why they have already sold over millions of these machines! Used wisely they really help when you have lost your appetite for chocolate and other things

I’m not a diet person so this was a new experience. I didn’t go on ‘celeb’s diet’ or try out a ‘fad of the moment’ approach. I merely listened and responded to what my ailing body told me it did or didn’t want to eat. That turned out to be a very healthy and satisfying ‘back to basics’ menu which, in the middle of this debilitating illness, helped to keep my strength up.

Six months later still I was still suffering from PMR but, with steroids controlling the symptoms, my skin was healthy, my tummy  flat and people were beginning to tell me I was looking well.  I was beginning to feel like my old self. The new way of eating fresh and unprocessed food was working and I was steadily recovering

By this time the weight loss associated with the illness meant I’d lost almost a stone and I was very thin.  There was only one solution   –   CHOCOLATE!

What a way to come to your senses!

( P.S. I am completely off steroids and still eating chocolate )

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One Reply to “Chocolate – loss of desire and recovery”

  1. Great! I share your delight in chocolate, but having been brought up in Switzerland with being given A SQUARE of chocolate when post-lunch ‘heure sacrée du café’ meant that my parents had their coffee and some chocolate, and we were given a piece and then sent to have a rest or in any case keep out of their hair for an hour, I have a surprising ability to have just one chocolate after my supper, making boxes last ages! Very occasionally I’ll have TWO chocolates, and feel horribly guilty… dumb really, I must re-train myself.

    A friend told me about the Nutribullet, I thought of offering it to myself as a non-birthday present, but as at present I do not eat exclusively organic products it didn’t feel logical until I have gone over to the Riverford box or whatever, but the cost and lack of variety are also a consideration… However, I have been very bothered by my bloated stomach, and vanity might just tip the scales!


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