Surprising Reactions

Little did I know what surprising reactions there would be to my new blogs-

I sent an email with information to people I’ve been diving with – they are most definitely interested and encouraging. Then, I added close friends who have cheered me on and want to know all about the turtles, mantas and whale sharks when I get home. A quick trawl of my address book revealed a few people I haven’t had contact with since ‘Christmas card exchanges’ so I dropped their names in too and finally, I added the family just in case they’ve forgotten how to Follow Grandma!

I sent the email late last night and woke this morning to a flurry of email responses from America, India and Australia. I loved the comments that either said they were exhausted reading how much I did(!) or how inspirational they found it. Lovely – that’s the aim – to remind people that we are never ‘too old’ to get up and have a go, take on new challenges and have fun. I’ve also had one invitation from an old friend that made me laugh out loud – ‘Next challenge is to get you on a motorcycle around the world.’ !!

It’s time for a quiet cup of coffee, reflection on good friends and appreciating that when we reach out to people their response can sometimes make you laugh out loud.

Thanks R.

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