I Need to Have a RANT!

Every  day I am frustrated by the demands of technology. I’m asked to type in log in details for online accounts, fill in  numbers and letters to activate Broadband or,  and this is often my  biggest nightmare,  remember which password belongs to which account,  Often  I think I know it and then remember  I changed it to something memorable (!) last month when my account was blocked.

I know I’m not alone. Even the most technically savvy and level headed  friends confess they frequently resort to shouting  at  their machines.  Not unreasonable when you’re confronted with messages like   ‘your user detail and password are not recognised’ or even more worrying ‘you have one more attempt left before you are locked out’.  That one really is like  a looming disaster particularly if you are desperate to log on to your bank.

A podcast gives me the the chance to get thing like this off my chest and  have a really good  rant. So, Follow Grandma  on a rip-roaring trip as I  highlight some of these  ‘rage inducing’ incidents. I look forward to your coments and suggestions about what makes you ‘see red’.  If you enjoyed this you might like to listen to the next Podcast   ‘Passwords – don’t get me going’ 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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