TATT – Tired all the Time

Follow Grandma blogs have a spread of topics including health and social well being so here we go with TATT, the acronym that doctors admit they frequently write on patients’ notes. It stands for ‘Tired All The Time’. This might seem funny except it is one of the symptoms that more and more people are reporting to their doctor.  If tiredness isn’t caused by an obvious medical condition, such as anaemia, diabetes, depression, Addison’s or thyrotoxicosis, its underlying cause often remains a mystery.  That’s when your doctor writes down TATT on your notes.

Why are so many people tired? if you ask your friends and colleagues, whatever their age or occupation, whether they’re retired, working in offices or at home, you’ll probably be surprised at how many claim to ‘get a good night’s sleep’ and admit they feel exhausted when they wake up. This isn’t any old tiredness, it’s a persistent, life sapping fatigue and lack of energy.

Before I wrote this blog I asked a group of senior consultant doctors about TATT. Was it a joke?  “On the contrary'” was their response. Apparently, it has a common acronym they use in their clinical notes. Often the underlying cause doesn’t appear to be a medical condition and it’s not clear why so many people are complaining of feeling so fatigued.

The question is – What might be causing this new epidemic? Is it life style? Pressure of work? overwhelming family responsibilities? Money worries? Disappointment at life? Constant bombardment by news and social media? Lack of quiet space? Over stimulation from screens? Toxins? Or quality of life which might include food or air pollution?

I thought it was worth revisiting this TATT blog to see if there are any further suggestions as to causes or ways of countering it. I have one or two thoughts myself but I want to open this up and hear from other people. Your experience and advice are welcome. So if you, or someone you know, are experiencing TATT do contribute.

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