Follow Grandma into a new decade

I started writing blogs after a few tough years of divorce, ill health and the usual ‘stuff ‘ that hits you when you are least prepared. I was also older and my children were grown up, in relationships and had moved away. But this grandma was determined that age wasn’t going to be a barrier to starting over and having fun

My seven grandkids were showing an interest in what I was doing and where I was travelling to, so I started a diary and Follow Grandma became a mini blog.

I’ve had adventures, made many new friends and proved that zip lining over rainforests, diving with manta rays or hunting for chanterelle mushrooms in Scotland is open to all ages. Initially I wasn’t very computer savvy and many of my blogs failed to fly(!) Now, at the start of a new decade, my skills have improved and I’m re-launching ‘Follow Grandma’ where you can read some of my original blogs and now some specific themes – FollowGrandma Diving, FollowGrandma Painting, FollowGrandma in Scotland and, occasionally, Follow Grandma Working.

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