What’s going on?

This New Year I decided my big resolution would be to bring my Follow Grandma blogs together so friends and family could find them easily. Since I ‘retired’ to Scotland, I’ve had a lot of fun and adventures – some I’ve shared in blogs and some have been hidden in diaries. Those of you who Follow Grandma know I’ve had adventures in India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and the USA. Some of you will also know, Follow Grandma has involved learning to paint, beach comb, scuba dive and exhibit in art events and, of course, share this great country, Scotland, where I have put down deep roots.

During this new adventure, former colleagues began calling me back to work on communication and strategy. From time to time you can now also have a glimpse into my professional life at Follow Grandma Working.

A great tidying up has been underway to make my Follow Grandma blogs a pleasure to read. With the help of my web designer friend Victoria you will soon be able to choose to read my general Follow Grandma blogs or go to:

  • Follow Grandma Diving
  • Follow Grandma Painting
  • Follow Grandma in Scotland

So Follow Grandma every weekend. I’ll be posting regularly.

One Reply to “What’s going on?”

  1. Thank you Joelle I’m so glad you are having a great time in India. It looks just as good as you described it to me. Here in Scotland I’m getting my Blogs organised with Vikki’s help. I hope tp make it easier for people to FollowGrandma. It’s satisfying and creative and … I’m getting more techno savvy by the day


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