Christmas present

This year I’m in deepest Oxfordshire for Christmas.   The landscape is a ‘lakescape.’  Where there are usually  fields and river banks there are now large lakes, stretches of fast flowing water,  boats stranded on what were river banks and water lapping at the doors of small English homes. People are affronted and worried. How dare the elements  not obey the laws of order?  Where has all this rain come from?  Global warming ? Surely not!

My daughter’s house is in the old town of Wallingford  where fortunately it’s drier and above the river level.  Any thoughts we had of a Christmas morning swim in the River Thames (something we had discussed seriously some weeks ago ) have been  dispelled – I think we’ll stick to a morning walk on dry land followed by a family Christmas with three generations. Already on Christmas Eve the conversation is flowing and the changing world is being acknowledged. More conversation for tomorrow.




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