Italian question – What do you think about BREXIT?

Here in our Umbrian farmhouse it’s almost 40 degrees and we have no swimming pool to leap into. However, we are lucky there is a pool three kilometres up the hill and we really appreciate the cool, even chilly, water after a day of painting, writing and keeping out of the heat.

It was by the pool that we struck up a friendship with two German families who were delighted to practise their English. (Particularly Zoe the teenage daughter). When they asked us how we felt about BREXIT they discovered two sensible, articulate British women who made it very clear we think that the idea of leaving Europe is appallIng. More than that, it’s an idea that hasn’t been thought through in any responsible way.

The Germans were unanimous that they also think it would be a terrible mistake. Already they can see it is damaging the U.K. economy as well as business relationships. These were intelligent professional Germans – one worked in the international pharmaceutical industry with links in the U.K. another was a librarian. We listened to what they had to say and we had some constructive and interesting conversation.

In the interests of ‘entente cordiale’ and European solidarity a couple of days later we invited them to come down the hill to ‘Ours’ to enjoy the setting sun and a glass of wine.

They arrived with boxes of local Italian pizza and nine of us had one of those spontaneous evenings that make a holiday special. Serious conversations interspersed with light hearted banter, fun and a sharing of culture and interests. It’s what I value about being a European

With the sun setting we drank cool white wine on the terrace, the kids played volley ball using an old rusted hoop in the trees. And we compared notes on which house had the noisiest cicadas.

What a great European night and, as a finale, there was an optimistic bright full moon. Maybe BREXIT is on the wane!



One Reply to “Italian question – What do you think about BREXIT?”

  1. I’m loving your tales from your Umbrian holiday, Claire. Meeting people with whom you can have an intelligent conversation is always a bonus. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out that way, though meetings can still be enjoyable – but in a different way.
    It sounds like an idyllic part of the world, and I’m happy that you are sharing it with us. Thank you. xo


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