Cherries or Plums?

Cherries or plums?

It sounds like a card game played on a rainy day in Umbria, but actually we’re chilling (so to speak) under blue skies, in a rustic farmhouse high on an Italian hillside near Perugia. It’s a day of hot sunshine and we are beginning to relax and let the problems of the world slip away.

Our immediate task appears to be identifying the low hanging fruit on the tree that was recently struck by lightning. The tree is close to the house and on close inspection it’s not immediately clear what the fruit is. Each fruit is the size of a cherry and they hang together in small bunches. The taste is sweet, with a refreshing tang, and the fleshy texture is similar to a ripe plum. They are superb.

The blessing of the tree, on its knees, offering gifts in the warm Umbrian sunshine helps is a loverly surprise.

I lie back listening to the sound of silence and realise how noisy it is – the joyful song of the different birds, the gentle whispering of the wind on the leaves and the constant chatter of the happy little cicadas. The sound of distant church bells drifts softly from the valley and I pick another ‘Cherplum.’

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