A little Andalucian sunshine

After a long hard winter of discontent and discomfort the gods have transported me to a village between Seville and Córdoba. From my balcony I can see and breathe in the vast Spanish countryside;  the vivid orange and lemon trees, the swathes of olive groves decorously climbing up the hillsides, the semi-retiring sunflowers already hiding their sunburnt faces from the sun.

And what a glorious sun! So welcome. So radiant with life and restorative goodness. I soak it up with pure joy and gratitude as I swim for the third time today.

Arbroath seems a long way away. What a journey. One which I would not have missed because of the gifts that came with the experiences of the last few  difficult months. I have reflected many times over the years about change. This latest experience of ill health was yet another reminder of the importance of embracing the change that difficult situations and ill health bring and ….. opening up to what that change offers.

Letting go is something I have had to practise again..it seems i have been here many times over the years!!

 In the last few months as I tried to let go of the pain, the lack of mobility and fear that came with the PMR (polymyalgia rheumatica) I again practised opening up and trusting.  I’ve done this in the past and have written about it  and yet again I’m experiencing intriguing and unexpected things.  This time I find myself in a remote village in Andalucia, having just cooked an incredibly good chicken (stuffed with big fat lemons off the tree in the garden) smothered in garlic and herbs and and roasted with a soupçon of local olive oil.  I was going to take a photo of the chick for the blog but as we all sat in satisfied conversation afterwards I realised the chicken was  transformed into  a successful carcass and no longer a photo opportunity.  So I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Tomorrow Córdoba and more adventures beckon. 

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