Halal Turkey for Christmas

It was the Halal turkey that caught readers’ attention. How did it taste?  How did we cook it (!) Was there anything that made it memorable?

Oh yes it was a bird that will be remembered not only for the manner of its preparation and cooking but for the additional ingredient of twice cooking (in two ovens) with a resting period in a BMW.

Midst Christmas morning preparations my daughter, Frances, let out a cry of anguish from the kitchen (currently having a make-over) The oven had failed and the heat was definitely not reaching the level that turkeys expect.

A quick phone call to her brother who had a fully functioning oven (on the other side of Cambridge) and we were in business.  The turkey, wrapped in its foil coat was ceremoniously carried to the waiting BMW –  a car which has seen some interesting activities in its 15 years but has never played limousine to a halal turkey. In the spirit of the day I happily chauffeured a turkey across a deserted Cambridge landscape  on Christmas morning.

Four hours later the turkey made the return journey.  Roasted to perfection – crispy on the outside and deliciously tender and moist inside.  The turkey that finally graced our Cambridge family Christmas table was without doubt a well travelled, well cared for and beautifully cooked centrepiece.

One of the best Christmas turkeys for a long time. Eat your heart out Nigella and Jamie.

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