A Moving Christmas

I love travelling. I love travelling solo, travelling with family members and travelling with friends. They are all different ways of sharing the experience of everyday life in this amazing multicultural world.

This time of year many of us travel to be with family and friends, full of anticipation and excitement. We board our trains planes, buses and cars packed full of presents, expectations and emotions.

Yesterday driving solo up the M11 and heading for Christmas en famille in Cambridge I listened to the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from Kings College.  Memories came flooding back; I remembered hearing those carols every year as we packed parcels around the Christmas tree. Faces surfaced of once-small children, now adults preparing their own Christmas festivities, faces of new babies and small grandchildren now growing into young adults and, of course, emotions for loved ones who have sadly gone. Solo traveling is a good way to find time to reflect on the past, look forward to the future and enjoy being in the ‘Now’ along the way.

This has been a good Muslim Christmas with my family in Cambridge. Halal turkey and trimmings, pigs in blankets ( turkey bacon!), beautiful tree and presents. Heart warming traditional festivities with kids and grand kids and stockings galore!

Boxing Day will be spent recovering in London before an early morning flight to Delhi, and a quick hop on through Calcutta to the temples of Orissa where Indian friends are waiting and a New Year of travelling will begin

Then early January there’s a flight down to Bangalore to meet up with my daughter Jennie arriving fresh from the heart of Oxfordshire and we’re off for family travel to explore Coorg, the coffee growing region, and the hill stations of South India.

But all that lies ahead. Right now is a time to stay rooted and enjoy the last few hours of Christmas Day.

Happy Christmas to all my readers.

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